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"Relaxing into Retirement" in Hagerstown Magazine

| by by Beth Vollmer & photos by Turner Photography Studio

Hagerstown-based couple Beth and Donald Weeks are changing their professional gears in favor of a spa business model they plan to bring to Washington County.


Beth and Donald Weeks always wanted their own business — and a place to improve another person’s day seemed just as good a prospect as any. Feeling a little restless, and in need of a change in routine, Beth retired this past July from JLG Industries, Inc., after 28 years in corporate finance where she focused on operations management and spent lots of time traveling to international locations. Donald has been a stay-at-home-dad, and, since 2009, owner of a small toy company named Olivia’s Doll Closet, which designs and sells clothing and accessories for the popular Barbie and American Girl dolls.

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When Beth and Donald ultimately settled on opening a spa, moving forward and exploring the vast array of options and decisions they needed to make weren’t done hastily — that was never even an option. But the overarching objective did fit in perfectly with Beth’s aspiration for a lifestyle change and to work in a business where she would be helping others.

The path to ownership was a long and sometimes winding one though. The process was time-consuming, but exciting, with visits to corporate offices and several amazing spas. Plus, the couple was able to speak with many current spa owners from all over the nation. After looking at different franchises and weighing long lists of pros and cons, Beth and Donald decided The Woodhouse Day Spa franchisee agreement was the best fit for them. It met their conceptual requirements while being beautiful and relaxing — and it offered more services than other spas. The warm, cozy feeling, and instantly inviting floor plans and décor option plans Woodhouse presented only sealed the deal.

Meeting Their Match

Who doesn’t occasionally imagine a day spent at a calming spa? Beth and Donald are certainly of the opinion that you should pursue that daydream — at least occasionally — and schedule time for some stress-free relaxation. If you’re up for a little road trip and are interested to see what Beth and Donald have in store locally, the couple currently own and operate The Woodhouse Day Spa in Leesburg, Va., with plans for locations opening soon in Hagerstown and Frederick.


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